There is a crazy amount of talent from the women in the metal scene that goes unnoticed. Alexis Brown, vocalist of Tennessee metalcore band Straight Line Stitch, has been proving herself since her addition to the band in 2003.

The band is definitely not traditional in any way and that’s what makes Straight Line Stitch so unique. Besides the obvious female vocalist, they create a harmonious balance between Brown’s screams/cleans and the bone crushing instrumentals. 

2011’s “The Fight of our Lives” is their latest release through E1 Music. It climbed the Billboard Heatseekers chart to the fifth spot and kept the band’s buzz alive despite the constant lineup changes. 
“Conversion” off of that album embodies the group’s sound with Brown’s ability to take gentle cleans and compose them within her powerful and gritty screams. Her transitions as well as the band’s flow well and made me a fan rather quickly. 
Straight Line Stitch played in 2011 on the Revolver Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour along with In This Moment so you know they have to have a solid following and crazy musical ability. Hopefully soon they can release some new material or tour. I would love to see them play in Buffalo! 

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