When presented with the idea of an all female band, you’re bound to think of a girl band like The Spice Girls or something. Canadian metal band Kittie takes that stereotype and buries it in the ground. Kittie is an all female metal powerhouse that has been around since 1996 and I’m shocked I didn’t hear of them sooner. 

The current lineup of vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander, drummer/vocalist Mercedes Lander, guitarist Tara McLeod, and bassist Trish Doan is an overwhelming power of fierce females. All of them contribute their own talents to the band and break stereotypical thoughts through their heavy melodies and intense instrumentals. 

While Kittie has been quiet as of late with their last album “I’ve Failed You” being released in 2011, the dynamics between the Lander sisters’ vocals is timeless. Having a nice balance of clean vocals and screams lends to the band’s overall sound and reminds listeners why they’ve been around for so damn long. Hopefully soon we will hear news about Kittie, they were my greatest discovery in this segment thus far.


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