While most of the females in this weekly segment have been pretty solid at their musical craft, I think Sarah Longfield takes first place right now. After watching her guitar cover of “CAFO” by Animals As Leaders, I knew she would be the subject of this week.

Longfield’s performance on her guitar is jaw dropping. I never knew anyone could shred like that, especially not a 19 year old female. Her fingers move effortlessly on the frets and she puts a ton of guitarists to shame that’s for sure. She is a true inspiration for any young female who wants to take up the guitar.

While Longfield has her solo work that she posts on YouTube, she also is part of an instrumental band from Wisconsin named The Fine Constant. Guitarist Steve-O Wilkes, bassist Sam Laitsch, and drummer Steve Meyer join Longfield for a project that is remniscent of Animals As Leaders. While all the members have sick talent and work well together, I found myself focusing more on Longfield’s riffs. They’re pretty flawless and know how to capture your attention.

The experimental progressive metal act does this that. Jazz influences can be heard in tracks off their latest album “Myriad.”  “Paradoxos” is one of my favorites as it infuses jazz and djent with a little funk. Listening to The Fine Constant is an experience in itself, I’ve never heard anything like it and that’s a great thing.

If that wasn’t enough, Longfield can also sing pretty damn well. So go check her out on YouTube and buy “Myriad” off the band’s Facebook.



Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp