2013 is After The Burial’s year. Not only do they have the main event coming your way this Fall with their fourth full-length studio album, they will be officially re-releasing 3 tracks from their 2006 debut “Forging A Future Self” with the vocal stylings of current front man Anthony Notarmaso. History repeats itself. A similar tactic was used for the re-release of 2008’s modern day classic “Rareform” and the 2011 version of “Pi (The Mercury God Of Infinity)”.

“Over the summer we tracked a few of these songs for you. After sitting on them for a while, we thought it would be cool to share them with you while we are in the studio recording our new album.” – After The Burial

The 3 tracks that made the cut are “A Steady Decline”, “Fingers Like Daggers”, and “Redeeming The Wretched”. The new version of “A Steady Decline” is already circulating the web! Check it out below and get your face melted \m/

Mark your calendars, the EP will be available on April 30th. It will be a good day for metal. And don’t forget to stay tuned. Plenty more is coming from After The Burial this year!

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