Upon creeping around the wonder that is Facebook, I came upon a band located in Poughkeepsie, NY named Ascensions. The band will be in Buffalo on April 4 with Sworn In and I figured I should listen to them before seeing them. I’m stoked that I did. 

Ascensions dropped a new single about two weeks ago titled “Archfiend”. The track is a pure dosage of heavy metal that delivers within its three minutes. The lyrics are powerful and are sure to elicit hate moshing and fan participation during the live performance. Vocalist Matt Locke’s screams drip with the same passion the lyrics contain while guitarists Brandon Lane and Adam Konzen, bassist Brandon Tyler, and drummer Joseph Merando contribute brutal instrumentals that pack a punch.  
While the band is unsigned and are working on developing a larger fan base, they have staying power and heart. I’m looking forward to any new material they release. Be sure to catch them on tour with Sworn In, they have some dates in April so check it out! 


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