Mark my words: this is the next big thing in the djent movement. So keep this band’s name in mind becuase I’m sure you’re gonna hear of them again very soon.

It just seems like France can’t stop giving birth to amazing bands recently. The most recent one is Cycles, a young, forthcoming band hailing from Rouen. They deliver a heavy sound that actually follows the typical (and generic?) forms of the modern metalcore/djent style, but it really sounds like they can do it way better than 90% of the bands out there. They’ve only released one single so far, called “From Fear To Fascination” but it is truly great. Its clean chorus will get stuck in your brain for weeks.

Keep an eye on these guys because they really deserve your support. They’re also recording a four track EP very soon. Go grab the new song on Bandcamp for a name your price download and give ’em a like on their Facebook page. They need it and deserve it! \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp