Upcoming Michigan Death Metal talents Boreworm are set to release their debut EP on April 30th. It’s almost time to follow the “Black Path” \m/

The project of The Yellow Sign’s former bassist and songwriter, Michael Bielenda, it’s safe to say Boreworm have explosive potential. This has already been displayed through the mind ripping playthroughs they’ve released and is sure to be evinced in full when “Black Path” officially drops. I may or may not have had a sneak peek at the full EP and can say this is definitely something to look forward to. Death heads prepare and pussies beware… Boreworm is coming.

You can check out some playthrough, pre-production goods from the band down below (sans the vocals). And if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to grab a pre-order for “Black Path” right here!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Pre-Orders