Hello explorers! Today we have a very special installment of our Exploring The World series. Instead of visiting a single country, I’m gonna bring you on a one hour journey around the globe. That’s right. I want to talk to you about this movie called “GLOBAL METAL”. It’s a 2008 documentary written, directed, produced by, and starring Sam Dunn, a Canadian anthropologist, film director, and most importantly a die hard metalhead!

This guy’s first film was released in 2005 and was calledIt was a documentary about the origins, the culture and the influence of heavy metal, exploring the themes of heavy metal-violence, death, religion, satanism, sexuality, and gender.

In 2007 Sam directed a sequel called “Global Metal”, in which he studies how the West’s most controversial music style, Heavy Metal, tried to emerge out of North America and Europe, focusing on the relationship between this music and modern day globalization. It is a truly interesting and enlightening documentary, presenting us a lot of really underground scenes, amazing stories, and unbelievable situations. You will see the incredible struggle that some people have to go through for just to listen to metal, or even play it, showing outstanding love, passion and dedication for this music \m/ Sam will bring us around the globe to Brazil, Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Israel, and United Arabian Emirates in this movie. It’s really an impressive film and I think that every metalhead in the world should watch it.

HERE you can find a playlist to stream the whole movie on Youtube. If you want to get a taste, you can enjoy the trailer below.AfterIron Maiden: Flight 666” or “Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage” and two live DVDs from both bands. He also produced the documentary series “Metal Evolution” for VH1 and he’s currently working on a movie called “Satan”. Go check out his movies and discover what a real underground scene is.

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