Ukraine doesn’t really have a glorious metal tradition. Actually, it has always been quite an isolated place for this kind of music. But in the past few years a small but bright metal scene bloomed into existence and a couple of very talented young bands are trying to spread their name around the world.

In the past few weeks you may have heard of the band Joncofy. From Kiev, these guys won the competition for the jingle of the Euroblast 9 trailer with a huge tune (listen below), defeating a lot of talented acts in the process. It has also been announced that they’ll be playing at this summer’s UK Tech-Metal Fest in Peterborough. In 2012, they did a small tour through Germany supporting Scar Symmetry and Akeldama. They also played at Euroblast 8. So through trying to spread their sound all over Europe they’ve getting some good results. So far they’ve released a single EP called “Rorschach Inkblots”. It’s available for FREE download right here!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Youtube

Another upcoming Ukrainian band is TSAARS. This group is going to release their second EP “Foreword” on April 12th. They recently uploaded a lyric video for the first song “Nightmares” via Beheading The Traitor. The song features a guest appearance from Sam Gitiban, vocalist of Novallo, singing a perfect clean part over the crazy mathcore assault delivered by the band. Keep an eye on these guys and be sure to scope out their forthcoming release!

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Merch

But Ukraine’s heaviest shit is coming from Donetsk. Noja is probably the most known name of the local djent/math underground. Their long awaited debut EP “The Great Purpose” came out in January 2013 and it served as a smashing display of brutality. Five powerful tracks available for streaming on their Soundcloud page. Believe me, you wanna listen to this.

To wrap things up, we have a very peculiar band called Return To Base. This trio delivers a mighty mix of tech metal and fast drum & bass. It might remind you of the Canadian artist Tyrant of Death, who is known for his industrial djent music with heavy electronic influences. Speak of the devil, Alex Rise of Tyrant Of Death and Aleks Jaćek of Return To Base just started a new project called SD4. They released their self-titled EP in October 2012. Return To Base themselves have been making music since 2010, collecting 8 releases (3 splits, 2 eps, 2 full-lengths, and 1 single) and they’re all available for FREE download. This includes the two full-length albums, “Behind The Sun” (2011) and “Legism” (2012). Check out their full discography at for all the download links right here.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Youtube

As always, check back next week for more exploration and keep supporting your local scene!!