Fallujah’s visionary release, “Nomadic,” flaunts intense forward-thinking with respect to death metal and genres alike. The 3 grand tracks that make up this EP could easily be described as groundbreaking, but the title “Nomadic” may relate properly to the massive amount of musical ground being ‘covered’ in these eighteen minutes.

Jumping in with my perception of track “Venom Upon The Blade,” in a visual sense is a vast and complex mural painting that spans the length of a city block. Walking alongside the mural parallels the song’s progression; however, the luxury of being able to slow your pace in attempt at maximum appreciation fails to exist. Intricate artistry warps by; prohibiting distinct satisfactions. At best, the aftermath is a blurred panoramic memory of the experience. Fallujah forms an overwhelming sensation of wicked atmosphere that encompasses the attention, thought and rationale of the listener.

“The Dead Sea” induces similar effects to “Venom Upon The Blade” but I’ll continue with the heavy metaphor theme nonetheless. Dually, both tracks challenge the limit of comprehension, but “The Dead Sea” hones a darker and faster quality. As opposed to being hurried through an art gallery, “The Dead Sea” is like trying to remember the faces of the people in an amusement park from the confines of a top speed roller coaster ride. And, like a roller coaster to its passengers; the song locks the listener in tight, permitting no escape. Furthermore, despite being trapped in Fallujah’s grasp, one is still free to admire its surroundings. This track is dense and controlling, but the thrill rises from the multitude of musical pleasures that simultaneously beg for attention.

“Silent” is an extended ambient track that cushions between the two monster tracks. Uncharacteristic it may be to feature a track of this fashion on an already abbreviated EP but no qualms stem from me regarding the song’s role. “Silent” portrays the abilities Fallujah has outside of instrumental shredding. Fallujah is capable of briefly detach the listener from existence with tranquil sounds commonly associated with deep space. There are people who get paid “the big bucks” to produce similar ideas for movies and video games who fall short of “Silent” and its supremacy. Interesting will it be to see how Fallujah will make use of this element.

“Nomadic” is an obvious statement of Fallujah’s growth and a strong indication of how much potential exists. I am however slightly thankful in a sense that “Nomadic” is only a small window into Fallujah’s factory…When gifted with a full length I foresee errors relating to explosions and minds…and of course ‘the all time beloved favorite’ of youtube commentators…some issue concerning uncontrollably J-ing in my P. They may actually be right on this one.

– Tyler Dermitt

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