If you honestly haven’t caught on by now, today is April Fools Day. So going along with the theme of pranks and laughs, I figured I should spread some very quirky, heavy music that most of you will hate. That’s what we have Deformed Elephant Surgery for. Yeah, you can go ahead and read the bands name again. Or rather, the solo projects name. Coming out of Finland, Deformed Elephant Surgery combines elements of Death Metal, Dubstep, and just plain weird shit to create what the writer Vlürch calls “erratic music for erratic people”. He’s been “making people poop in reverse since 2009. Or something.”

He’s released two very strange albums, “Synthcorerevolution” and “Pink Unicorn’s Extraordinary Adventures”, for FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp. Go ahead listen below and give Deformed Elephant Surgery some support if you have a taste for the bizarre. Actually… I don’t know if “bizarre” cuts it describing this madness. Listen and poop in reverse.