Well another metal legend has had his gear stolen. This time its shredder Jeff Loomis and his accomplices in The Jeff Loomis Band. This seems to be happening a lot recently and it’s quite unfortunate that already financially struggling metalheads are hindered even further by common thievery. Laptops, cell-phones, passports, cash, cameras, and of course musical equipment were among the stolen items. It occurred on Monday in St. Louis, but we figured it’s still worth spreading the word even after the fact.

Loomis is looking to continue the current tour and is asking for donations to help fund the band’s recovery. It’s a shame that something like this would happen and if you feel inclined to help I’m sure it would be much appreciated. HERE is the link to Jeff Loomis’ statement and paypal. You can also check the band’s merch and iTunes if that’s how you wanna help. Grab some new music in case you haven’t gotten a chance to listen and help the band!


Links: Facebook // Statement And Paypal // Merch // iTunes