I feel like we’re having an Aaron Marshall kind of day. First his cameo in the Polyphia review and now this.

Intervals are back again with their first ever music video! They decided to visually portray the tastiest segment of their new EP, “In Time”, through the final track “Epiphany”. This song is incredible on so many levels from it’s magical progressions to the cameo from the one and only David Maxim Micic. Expect shred. Except groove. Expect taste.

The video itself is awesome as you get to watch the whole band jam in full HD while surrounded by strange colorful auras, diving fractals, and flashy effects akin to your music visualizers. It’s looking pretty legit for a first music video. In some ways it reminds me of the Animals As Leader’s “CAFO” video, which is a good vibe to have as “CAFO” video is mind blowing.

You can go ahead and watch the video below along with some more goods from “In Time”.

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