Jungle Rot is one of the most consistent and crushing bands in Death Metal. This musical death unit has an established name in the history of metal. They’ve been going strong ever since 1994 and show no signs of slowing their roll. And their roll is like the treads on a huge tank, brutally crushing everything in it’s way, your ears and skull included \m/

When I heard there was a new Jungle Rot record out, I knew I had to give it a listen… or ten. And now here we are. Their eighth full-length studio album, “Terror Regime”, was released March 19th, 2013 to kick ass and take dogtags. It’s been 2 years since their previous release “Kill on Command”, and honestly not too much has changed since then. But that’s not a bad thing. Expect heaviness. Both albums were actually released through Victory Records (bet you didn’t expect that one).

If you expect complex insanity from Jungle Rot, you won’t find it. This album is straight to point with it’s fun as hell, classic style Death Metal attack including some mild Hardcore, Grind, and Punk elements. Imagine having an eviction party in a warzone. That’s what Jungle Rot sounds like! A brutal fun time waiting to happen. They incorporate huge riffs, devastating grooves, blast beats, breakdowns, gnarly vocals, and greatness into their sound.

This is a band that is known to follow their influences heavily in some regards. Bands like Obituary and Autopsy have steered the direction of Jungle Rot’s sound in the past. What’s cool about the past couple records is that they’re coming into more of a sound of their own. It comes across as a generally mid-tempo, crushing, enjoyable assault. It is so damn metal.

“Terror Regime” is filled with adrenaline pumping injections of metal. “Voice Your Disgust” serves as a proper opener bringing might and fury right off the bat. It serves a great indication of what the rest of the album has in store. Other stand outs such as “I Am Hatred”, “Utter Chaos”, “Pronounced Dead”, and the title track will leave you bloody and broken (in the best way possible \m/). All in all, the album’s great.

It doesn’t come without some flaws though. Many of the riffs and ideas on this record have been done many times before. But this doesn’t subtract too heavily from the experience as the intensity keeps up throughout. Another flaw is that many of the songs share similar elements, yet again the intensity keeps up, but it is noticeable.

To sum it up, Jungle Rot’s “Terror Regime” is an enjoyable Death Metal venture, bringing the sounds of war and brutality straight to you. Go ahead and listen through the tracks above if your jonesing for some heavy. And if you like what you’re hearing, go ahead and support the legends right here. This album is fucking metal. Period.

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