Today, April 30th 2013, is a good day for metal. A good day indeed. There are a bunch of albums coming out today that are sure to resonate with someone. Look below for a bunch of key albums coming out today.

The highly promoted, highly anticipated post-metal masterpiece is finally here. With this record it looks like The Ocean is gathering momentum and is looking to use this massive, conceptual album to expand their fanbase and influence in the U.S. This release along with the subsequent Summer Slaughter Tour should allow The Ocean to really make a splash on this side of the Atlantic. From what I’ve heard so far, “Pelagial” is shaping up to be essential listening for 2013. If you want to check “Pelagial”, look here at our album preview, for purchasing information and more info.

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The melodic death metallers Heaven Shall Burn are back with another offering. The German vets have unleashed another devastatingly heavy offering today. “Veto” is pretty typical Heaven Shall Burn. The vocals and guitars sound exactly the same as always. Except for a Blind Guardian cover, featuring the singer for Blind Guardian, it’s all fairly predictable. But it’s just so good. Personally, “Veto” could shape as a possible top ten albums of the year contender. Look here for some singles, a music video, and purchasing information.

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This album is some solid melodic death metal. However there are clear black metal influences to be found. The synths and soloing are pretty prominent. Imagine the child of Alexi Laiho and Dani Filth. He would write the same music found on “Fires of Life.” The music is very indicative of the band’s influences. “Fires of Life” may not be groundbreaking but it is certainly refreshing.

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