No Consequence came through in the clutch as our Artist of the Week! These guys are awesome. If you haven’t heard their music, you know what to do!

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Also be sure to check out the interview we had with the insanely talented guitarist Daniel James Reid for an in-depth look at the band.

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DJR = Daniel James Reid
MT = Mike Thall

MT – First off, thanks for your time! For those who don’t know, No Consequence saved us from a potential last minute scheduling disaster. We’re glad to have you as Artist of the Week.

DJR – Thank you! It’s a pleasure dude!

MT – Onto the questions. Here’s the one that always needs to be asked. How did you come up with the name No Consequence?

DJR – Our original vocalist Phil thought it up (before Kaan joined NC). The basic idea behind it was to have a name that didn’t instantly pigeonhole the band too much, so we were free to create whatever sounds felt good to us.

MT – Good thinking. You’re signed to the legendary Basick Records. How does it feel to be counted amongst such extreme talent?

DJR – It’s awesome! As you say there are some killer musicians, but in addition the label manages to retain a great family spirit amongst the bands, which is probably the best part. Playing shows with other Basick bands is always a pleasure.

MT – Right on man. You just came out with a massive record “IO”. Can you tell us what went into making it? 

DJR – A lot of time and patience! We transcribe our ideas on Guitar Pro first generally, before jamming them at the practice studio. It’s a great tool to help us arrange the more complex parts and lock down grooves that we probably wouldn’t fully realize otherwise! From there we recorded drums with Monuments drummer Mike Malyan. He worked closely with Colin to get the best possible takes and then we moved back to my home studio to record the rest of the album. I handled the mix from there, which it was quite a comfortable experience, as we recorded the guitars and bass direct from Axe Fx and PodX3 respectively. For the vox Kaan and I spent a lot more time this round developing and layering ideas to try and sit the melodic lines within the music rather than just stacking them over the top of the music. We gave mastering duties to the excellent Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The aim was for a clear and detailed final master, which they delivered! 

MT – Hell yeah. I’d go as far as to say “IO” is an inspirational record. It’s awesome to see how you guys have grown as a musical unit and the lyrics have very strong messages behind them. What or who inspired you to create such a great sound?

DJR – Firstly thank you! I think from a musical perspective the addition of our newest members, Colin and Tom has been a big part in the evolution of the band. They bring different influences to the table, whilst still sharing in the collective views that our songs portray. I think I can speak for our vocalist Kaan when I say a lot of the lyrics take on very down to Earth issues, which affect us all every day. From another perspective, however, the title of the album ‘IO’ refers to one of Jupiter’s moons, which is a highly volcanic, destructive environment that also inspired us to draw comparisons back to the often brutal nature of our own planet.

MT – Very cool. How do you feel about the evolution of your sound since “In The Shadow Of Gods”?

DJR – We had quite a long period of uncertainty when the lineup became unstable after “ITSOG”. Getting the right, committed members to carry on took a while, which was frustrating at times. As a positive side to this downtime, however, it allowed us to grow as songwriters and spend much more time refining ideas. I think the final sound of “IO” reflects this and hopefully it comes across as a much more mature record. For me, one of the key points this time round is I’ve been able to experiment a lot more with subtle layers, ambience and dynamic sections. To me this has really filled out our sound and added depth that we previously didn’t have.

MT – Yeah, I’d definitely say “IO” shows a matured sound. Great record. Have you guys done much touring? Any favorite shows in particular? 

DJR – We’ve been getting back on to touring a lot more since we finished writing “IO’, and now that it’s out we’ve got some great stuff lined up over the coming months. Our favourite show so far has to be Euroblast last year though. We really did have a blast, there were some great bands there – including Bear, who we recently played with again in Belgium, and they totally slayed it. Everyone should check them out. 

MT – What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys while touring or at a show?

DJR – We played a show in Falmouth this one time and turned up to find a couple of tonnes of sand covering the venue floor. Not your nice fluffy beach stuff but gritty, builders grade sand. The venue had hosted a beach party the night before and this shit was everywhere. The sound guy hadn’t shown up so one of the support bands members had to handle the mix. This was definitely going to be one of those shows… So we start the set and unbeknownst to Colin, Kaan had put a small pile of sand on his snare so the very first hit of the set blinded him with a massive cloud of sand to the face. Not only that but when ever people started getting rowdy in the (sand) pit these thick clouds of dust just covered everything. It actually turned out to be a proper funny gig as we all just started messing about and putting stupid stuff in the set. Tom’s falsetto backing vocals was clearly the highlight of the night. We still to this day find grains of sand in our equipment. 

MT – That’s insane! We need more metal beach parties in the world. What are your plans for the rest of 2013? 

DJR – We have Djentival in Germany and UK Tech fest coming up over the summer, plus plenty of other shows around the UK and Europe so everyone’s going to be seeing a lot more of us. We’ve also already started coming up with a few ideas for album three and we’re also currently getting some remixes done of a few songs from “IO’, so later this year you might hear some new interpretations of tracks being released. 

MT – Some great shows there. Everyone definitely go check out UK Tech-Metal Fest! Here’s the fun round… If you had the chance to do anything in the world with no consequences, what would you do?

DJR – Lead a selfish, hedonistic care-free existence that involved a hell of a lot of substance abuse, casual sex and dangerous things like tiger wrestling or alligator golf. Unless Game of Thrones was on, then I’d probably just stay in and watch that.

MT – Ohhh yeeeah, good choice. Those are all the questions we have. Any shout outs you want to give before we wrap up here?

DJR – Anyone and everyone that’s ever supported us, be you fans, friends, long-suffering family members or anyone from our particular little corner of the music industry. We love you all! 

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