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Also be sure to check out the interview we did with guitarist Josh Smith below!

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JS = Josh Smith

MT = Mike Thall

MT – For starters, is there a story behind the name Northlane?

JS – Yes there is, it’s derived from one of our favorite songs, by one of our favorite bands.

MT – I’ll let our readers figure out who that is. I’m pretty sure their name starts with an “Archi” and ends with a “tects”. Back to Northlane, you guys are currently one of the bigger metal bands coming from Australia. How does it feel to be considered national heavyweights?

JS – It feels good! After touring so hard for quite some time it feels rewarding to see your band progress. Hard work pays off.

MT – Indeed it does. There was a massive amount of hype leading up to your new album “Singularity”. How do you feel about the response now that the record has been released?

JS – The response has been far greater than we ever imagined. We thought people would like the record. We were very happy with it but we didn’t realize that it would be received so well on this sort of a scale.

MT – Any favorite tracks from the album?

JS – Me personally, I really like “Scarab”. The great thing about “Singularity” is everybody seems to have their own personal favorite track, there doesn’t seem to be a clear #1 for everybody.

MT – Have to say “Scarab” is one of my favorites too. There seems to be a theme of psychedelic enlightenment present in segments of “Singularity”. This includes a Terrance McKenna quote among some lyrics. What inspired this element of the album?

JS – It’s an interest we all share and Terrance is a genius. There’s a lot to learn from different walks of life, some of which aren’t so readily accepted or mainstream.

MT – Very true. Beyond that, what inspired the record musically and conceptually?

JS – Lyrically, the vibes are quite positive. Adrian looked to move forward from “Discoveries” which was about growing up and finding out who you really are and what the world around you is really like. “Singularity” is about making a difference and passing on your knowledge of life to other people. Musically we wanted to raise the bar once again but write music that was easier to follow and I think we achieved this.

MT – You guys have been traveling the world. This includes an upcoming Canadian tour with big names like Structures, Texas In July, and Intervals. How stoked are you for that?

JS – Beyond stoked, we LOVE Canada. Structures are very good friends of ours too so we can’t wait to hang with those dudes and play some awesome shows.

MT – Sounds great. If you could tour with any band in the world, who would it be?

JS – Linkin Park.

MT – Definitely not the answer I was expecting. That would be rad though. Here’s the fun round. We heard you guys eat worlds. What planets are on the menu?

JS – Well Earth is gone, Mars is a barren wasteland. I wonder if Pluto would taste like a big dippin’ dot?

MT – Only one way to find out. Those are all the questions we have. Thanks for your time man!

JS – Thanks for having us as artist of the week!

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