POLYPHIA. Get used to seeing the name. After levitating through their most recent EP “Inspire” I sense zero risk in claiming that you really won’t have a choice in the matter. From Plano, Texas, Polyphia is a colossally creative, massively soothing quartet whose individuals’ musicianship and instrumental abilities are smoothly flaunted in unison, each piece harmoniously accenting the next.

“Inspire” is delivered with a great deal of passion which is seemingly effortlessly streamed because Polyphia has passion for their instruments. To my understanding all members hover around 19 years old give or take a year, which is rather impressive given how fruitful and extreme their music is. To put in perspective…song “Persevere” features Aaron Marshall (Intervals) making it my favorite “Intervals” song haha. (My favorite Ashanti songs have Ja Rule in them)

“Inspire’s” five very unique tracks are each piled with inventive guitar solos and tasty ass tech-drumming. “Inspire’s” tracks transmit individual character yet all songs reside in a higher and lesser known layer of atmosphere. Or maybe I just forget to breathe and get light headed…either way “Inspire” is like a ride in the clouds. The drums and bass are so on point for Polyphia, allocating a blank canvas for the guitars to paint. Guitarists Scottie LePage and Tim Henson have amazing chemistry. Watch their live vids! The term ‘melodic’ doesn’t begin to touch them…especially in “Transcend.”

“Transcend” leaves an incredible impression of change, or more so a shedding of repressive agents and limits. Once pure, “Impassion” has free will on the psyche. Seriously…these tunes are like a one two punch into nirvana. “Transcend” is uplifting, in mind and spirit; a cleansing as well as a preparation. The effect “Impassion” has depends exclusively on the listener.

What else is there to say about a bunch of teenagers who play “Bach Concerto No. 1/D Minor” in the form of metal gods. Check out Polyphia and listen to “Inspire,”or not, you’ll get smacked in the face by them eventually. No avoiding this. For fans of Intervals, Scale The Summit and Sean Hall. And to the ladies…they have nice hair :)

– Tyler Dermitt

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