The Summer Slaughter Tour had opened up a poll of 18 bands to determine who would open this years festival. The talent was stacked high and the competition was fierce. Now the contest has ended and the votes are in. Rings of Saturn and Thy Art Is Murder were running neck and neck throughout, but the aliencore moguls in Rings of Saturn pulled off the victory by a hair.

This years tour should be entertaining to say the least. Check out our preview here for more information and get your dose of cracked out, space infused Death Metal from Rings of Saturn down below!

 “We won the vote! We will be seeing all of you on The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013! We only won the vote by 1%, so it would be amazing if Thy Art Is Murder could also be on the tour with us somehow since it was so close and we love those dudes. Thanks for everyone who voted for us, we wouldn’t be anywhere with out the continuous support you guys have shown us ♥

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