Are you looking for exceedingly violent music to listen to as you trudge through the mundane responsibilities of life?? If you answered “no,” then congratulations to you…you have everything under control. For those who answered “YES!”, Sectioned is your drug.

The “Outlier” EP is dangerous as fuck. Fury and hate are the presiding tones here. From speedy, technical and pissed off bits to droned-out, wicked-demonic segments; Sectioned keeps it raw to death. They portray a mass amount of evil through a math/death/doom perspective. An industrial resonance gives Outlier EP a scary feel.

Outside of the absolute heaviness is a commendable skill for song composure and technical instrument work. Dudes in Edinburgh, Scotland must have a bone to pick with technical progressive death scene because they are blowing shit up with Outlier EP, one of their three EPs released so far, with a full length in the works. I’ve yet to go retro on Sectioned’s earlier work but after hearing Outlier my decision to do so is made.

– Tyler Dermitt

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