This is one of those things that makes you think there’s still some kind of hope for your country’s cultural future. A FREE SHOW was held at La Tenda in Modena, the north end of Italy, with The Algorithm (featuring Mike Malyan on drums!) and 3 Italian bands. It was a very underground show in a really cool venue. And even though this is not a big city, an outstanding number of people came to enjoy this amazing night.

The show started off around 9 pm with the performance of Psychostasy, a local Death Metal band which played a really fun set in front of a good number of people. Some friends came down to see them but a lot more people could enjoy their showmanship as they waited for the headliners. They have a demo out now wich is available for free download here if you want to give it a listen. You can also check an impressive drum cam video from the night of the show down below.

After their performance, the stage was taken by one of the most interesting bands in the Italian underground metal scene, Despite Exile. Hailing from Udine (wich is pretty far away from Modena), they came down here and melted our faces with a really intense show. I was especially surprised by the skills and the strong live presence of their singer, Jacopo, but the whole band put on an amazing set which was much appreciated by the audience. They played all their best songs, including the track for their new video “Oscillate”, which is strongly recommended just like most of their tracks. Check out “Perfection Neutralized” and “Mechanical” on YouTube for example!

And now it’s time for Damned Spring Fragrantia, the most promising, forthcoming, underground Italian band. Recently signed by the UK-based label Basick Records, they are going to release their debut album “Divergences” in 2013. Their performance was extremely powerful and explosive. These guys really owned the stage, and you can see they really have what it takes to attain international exposure. They played their single “DMZ”, and even some new tunes from their forthcoming album “Divergences” which are sounded really huge. Definitely keep an eye on these guys.

A quick stage change and The Algorithm immediately started his show. Since the venue had some problems with timing, the set lasted about 40 minutes, or a bit less, but it was still enough time to be completely blown away. Rémi played the first song on his own and then he was joined by Mike Malyan (the drummer of Monuments) which really brought the show to a whole other level. Especially “Access Granted”, which had the surrounding audicence respond with a slew of moshing and dancing from the very first lines. The whole crowd had a good time and enjoyed the show, even those who just came to give it a simple listen without knowing the artist, since the show was free-entry.

This is definitely a night I will never forget. I had the chance to talk with Mike and Rémi in the afternoon and we will be posting the interview we did very soon on this website. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of amazing people who were very kind and helped me even in some difficult situations. The Algorithm shows are something you need to see to believe. You better not miss it if Rémi and Mike come near you! – MATTIA

Links: The Algorithm Facebook // Twitter // Official Store Damned Spring Fragrantia Facebook // Bandcamp // Basick Records Despite Exile Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp Psychostasy Facebook // FREE DOWNLOAD