Post-Metal vets The Ocean are back with another conceptual mammoth of an album. The music was written and mixed as one piece. The album, originally an instrumental effort, follows the concept of traveling deeper into the ocean itself. As the album progresses, and the story sends us deeper into the depths of the ocean, the music becomes heavier and slower and the production becomes less polished and refined. What’s been released is definitively The Ocean but with a little twist. If you’re curious just check it out. The lyrics, based on the movie “Stalker” by Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, follow the journey into the center of the mind and the explanation of our wants.

They’ve released three songs and and the entire instrumental version of the record, which I’ve decided to hold off on listening to, for streaming. I’m pumped for this record and you should be too. “Pelagial” comes out April 30th. I pre-ordered my copy a couple weeks ago. If you want to join me you can find a link to the pre-order below. If the concept is intriguing, you can find guitarist, songwriter, and lyricist Robin Staps explanation on The Ocean’s new water themed website. “Pelagial” is a record you don’t want to miss.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Pre-Orders // Instrumental Stream