There’s a serious lack of brutality in some lives. So the boys in The Zenith Passage from LA decided to give us the joy of their single “Cosmic Dissonance” from their EP of the same name.

The single is four minutes of pure brutality. The Zenith Passage truly is tech death metal that lives in space. The obvious astral title of the track helps but you can hear the space like sound effects throughout the growls. Especially at the end where things get a little creepy with what seems like an alien transmission or something. Still really cool though.

I took a listen to the rest of the EP and it’s along the same lines of insane death metal. I really haven’t heard too many artists that sound like The Zenith Passage and that’s great in this mainstream world we live in. “Xenith” is another track that I can get into. Fast paced guitar work with equally as fast vocals and drumming drive the entire song and I can only imagine how crazy their shows can get.

Unfortunately, their Bandcamp says that the physical copies of the EP have sold out (Bummer). But you can snag a digital download of “Cosmic Dissonance” here! Maybe drop them a quick message to tell them to get that EP back up for sale.


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp