We’re making a return to “The Big Four”. Shrouded in metal legend, Megadeth have been going strong ever since the 80s. They are widely recognized to this day by millions of fans worldwide as leading pioneers of Thrash Metal. They’ve released a total of 13 studio albums so far, and you better believe number 14 is on the way!

Dave Mustaine is the name to know. Once the lead guitarist of Metallica, he was kicked due to substance abuse and conflicts with the band. Dave immediately turned around to found Megadeth who proceeded to kick unreal amounts of ass and influence the face of Thrash and metal in general. Of the original members, only Dave and the bassist Dave remain.

They made their official debut in ’85 with “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!”. This immediately brought them to the front of the Thrash Metal world and they’ve been doing big things ever since. This includes huge albums like “Rust In Peace”, “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?”, and “Countdown To Extinction” along with massive tracks such as “Hangar 18”, “Symphony of Destruction”, “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”, “Peace Sells” (BUT WHO’S BUYING!?), “Sweating Bullets”, “Angry Again”, “Gears Of War” (remind you of a certain video game?), “Dialectic Chaos” and so on… Classics out the wazoo!

As hinted above, Megadeth have a brand new album “Super Collider” heading your way this year! It’s scheduled for impact on June 4, 2013. Definitely something to look forward to. Albeit the new single / title track didn’t do much for me personally as they seem to be going for more of a commercial rock sound instead of metal. Maybe some of will will enjoy it more. You can check it out below the other classics from Megadeth \m/

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