Formerly known as “The Kannon’s Mind Dissection”, Tsaars are a Djenty Mathcore / Chaotic Hardcore band from Ukraine. More importantly, they’re a collection of musicians that aren’t afraid to think outside the box when they write. The results are generally excellent.

Their brand new, debut EP “Foreword” serves as a worthy introduction to what this band is capable of. It’s a mix of technical sharpness and intelligently constructed chaos which melodic flair to boot. I’d compare them with groups such as The Arusha Accord, SikTh, and Aliases but they certainly have an approach of their own.

“Raised By Wolves” bites hard as the EP opens with some tech heavy goodness. This is most definitely a band with a tight focus on the rhythmic front, bringing crazy off time delivery from track to track. The opener serves well to demonstrate this. “Nightmares” was released a bit back as the band’s first single. It’s a rad, chaotic track that slams and winds from start to finish. It also features an incredible cameo from the one and only Sam Gitiban from Novallo. Definitely one the EP’s best offerings. Next up is the intermission track “Entr’acte”. It’s reminiscent of something Periphery / Animals As Leaders would do for a break between tracks with clean guitar lines weaving through electronic glitches. The Arusha Accord vibes are strongest on the final track “Buried Secret”, but this a good thing cause the song is awesome. It’s also the second track with a cameo as Jordan Ibarra of Aristeia makes an appearance. The secret is ultimately buried into a world of melody as “Foreword” comes to close.

Instrumental versions of all the songs are also included on the EP’s tail end when you purchase it on Bandcamp. Definitely a good thing because these musicians are worth hearing full force \m/ The six-piece metal unit is driven by an insane guitar corps and a beast of a drummer.

Essentially, this a great EP so my criticisms are light. The production could be a bit tighter and the vocals aren’t always my cup of tea, especially the clean ones (with the exception of Sam Gitiban’s cameo). I guess another downside it the relatively short length. But other than a few minor blemishes, “Foreword” is a solid offering, especially for a debut.

That pretty much sums up the first strike from Tsaars. Check out the full EP teaser along the single “Nightmares” above. If you dig, be sure to grab the full release from the official Tsaars Bandcamp! Support independent metal! These dudes deserve it \m/

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