When melodic hardcore band We The Gathered parted ways with Facedown Records this year, they did so with no hard feelings and a plan to independently release their new album “Daydreamers.” That being said, the band decided to put up preorder bundles for the album. The catch is that there’s only 100 physical copies. 

I’m a girl that loves physical CD’s. No matter how much technology rises, nothing is better than having a physical copy of a great band’s music. We The Gathered has been featured on The Circle Pit before for their single from “Daydreamers” titled “Kicking and Screaming.” That track alone sets the bar high for the album. As noted before, We The Gathered puts on a show and you can hear it in their songs through the bass lines and melodic guitar riffs. 
You can preorder “Daydreamers” here at MerchNow. But be quick, physical copies won’t be there for much longer. If you miss your chance, no worries, on May 9 the album will be available for digital download.


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