In the world of mainstream, radio ready rock music today, it’s not easy to find many female musicians with a heavy edge. Meet Leah Woodward of UK based band Aliases. While not on the airwaves, Aliases is one of those bands that should be especially here in the states. Like I’ve said before, I love finding bands with female members. They inspire me.

Anyways, Woodward can shred on her guitar effortlessly. Like last week’s musician Sarah Longfield, Woodward has a presence on the guitar. You can see it on her face in the music video for “What’s Left For Us?” that she has a crazy passion for the music she plays. Kick ass female in the group aside, Aliases is a solid band. Ex-SikTh guitarist Pin, bassist Joe Heaton, and drummer Darren Pugh deliver in your face instrumentals that make you want to move. However, the band is currently without a vocalist (want to audition?).

Aliases are currently writing new jams so be on the lookout. Also, they’re playing at UK Tech Fest this year! \m/


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