Manchester mathcore heavyweights Aliases are finally coming back! After their stunning 2011 debut “Safer Than Reality” (brought to you by Basick Records with some sexy artwork!), the band had several problems in finding a new vocalist.

Problems be gone! Aliases just released a new music video showcasing the talent of Joe Rosser, their new official singer. Joe will be joining forces with the instrumental madness delivered by Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney (former SikTh guitarist) and the super-talented Leah Woodward (read up on her here) in the Aliases forthcoming debut full-length album! His crazy harsh vocals and perfect cleans fit amazingly well with the band’s style. This new song will give you a big reason to anticipate the new release!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Aliases at this summer’s UK Tech-Metal Fest if you’re around Europe. Also don’t forget to give “Exasperated” a listen below!


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