For those of you unfamiliar, Shades of Black is the solo-work of Matt Zuleger of Indiana. Shades of Black is top-notch instrumental progressive djent metal with a unique twist of darkness and Arabic/Egyptian influences. I have been a fan since discovering Shades of Black’s full length “Road Trip 2.0” last summer, so it’s totes awesome that he is back with more a year later.

Zueleger has been working on “Shades of Black’s” newest album “Ocean” which is set to release sometime very soon.  Here is a preview of the new tunes while Zueleger flaunts his newest addition to the family of axes. That freaking guitar tone!

I also included a collection bad ass sound clips and play through videos from “Shades of Black’s” upcoming release, as well as an “oldie.” If you like the grooves, the djenty-ness and the sinister tone be sure to hit “Shades of Black” on Bandcamp and listen to “Road Trip 2.0.”

– Tyler Dermitt

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp