It looks like metalcore band Atreyu is gearing up for a one song comeback sometime soonish. The band has vowed to avoid the “major label BS” songwriting of some of their previous work and write a more punk rock based, scream laden, shredtastic one off song.

This is good news for people like me who always enjoyed the band’s earlier metalcore releases. When I was younger I respected this band a lot more but now that I’ve expanded my tastes and gotten into a lot more sophisticated and heavier I still find that I can appreciate the band’s work. Albums “Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses,” “The Curse” and “A Death-Grip on Yesterday” have some pretty solid tunes. Harsh vocalist Alex Varkatzas’ unique screaming style provides a lot of the allure for me along with the also unique songwriting style Atreyu possesses.

There’s no previews or snippets of music yet, this is only “thinking out loud” according to the band but it’s still exciting to hear that a band who moved towards mainstream rock and then broke up in 2011 is looking to make a comeback focused on sounding like their old material. You can find the announcements on the Atreyu facebook page, linked down below. Also, if by some miracle you haven’t heard any of Atreyu’s old material played somewhere, here are a few of my personal favorite songs. If you like Atreyu, get excited, we might get another track soon.


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