Collisions is an upcoming four-piece band form Brighton (UK) who’s got the potential to take the world by storm in the following years. And that’s exactley what they’re aiming to. Their style is basically built on a unique mix of modern metal and drum & bass. The DnB influence in heavier in some songs and less incisive on other tracks. This ends up in a more usual, but still very appreciable industrial metal sound. The whole thing is completed by talented and charismatic vocals ranging from aggressive passages to melodic and rapcore lines.

You might have already heard their name from their recent shows supporting The Algorithm. They’ll also be performing at this year’s UK Tech-Metal Fest during the Friday night after party before The Algorithm as well. Don’t miss their shows if they’re coming near to you cause this band promises to bring the madness.

They released their first EP in November 2012 called “Believe In This”. You can check the title track, the second single “Push” and their cover of Bjork’s “Army of Me” down below. Go show these guys some love. Seems like they have a bright future ahead of them.


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