If I had to describe this band’s sound in one word, it would be ethereal. Hailing from Poland, Disperse is a musical unit flaunting massive potential playing what they’ve dubbed as “Fantasy Music”. Essentially this is done through a solid combination of Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock elements along with a fusion side, atmospheric greatness, and some of the tastiest musical segments you’ll hear all year long. This is evinced in full on their newest album, “Living Mirrors” (released via Season of Mist).

The line-up is relatively young but the talent is generally stacked. First off you have Jakub Żytecki handling all the guitar work. If you listen to other artists such as David Maxim Micic or Gru, chances are you’ve heard this guy’s awesome soloing before. When I first found out he had a band of his own I needed to listen. The results were satisfying to say the least. Next up there’s Maciek Dzik handling the drum kit. This guy can hold a groove like no other, making the percussion a more than welcome element of their sound. He brings out some very interesting segments on this record. The bassist Wojtek Famielec delivers the rumble from down under like a pro with some stand out segments and a great tone. Finally Rafał Biernacki covers the exclusively clean vocals. Honestly, his approach is somewhat hit or miss for me. At times he REALLY makes the most of the music, bringing nothing but power with his voice. Other times it feels somewhat flat with his generally lower-middle range.

“Living Mirrors” itself is an experience. These are the kind of songs you may find yourself getting lost in as they provide passion, power, and pure taste. Also a touch of fantasy. The album starts off with the simple, yet effective instrumental intro “Dancing With Endless Love” which transitions smoothly into the first single “Enigma of Abode”. This single is definitely one of the album’s best (also comes with a cheesy, visually stunning music video). It could essentially be split into two parts, the first being the more technical side and the second being TASTY AS HELL. So damn good. Many other stand out tracks line the duration of this album. Some would have to be “AUM”, “Be Afraid Of Nothing / Unbroken Shiver”, “Butoh”, “Profane The Ground”, and “Universal Love”.

At the same time, I recognize this album won’t fit everyone’s taste in music. Musically it’s solid. But for a band mixed in with the metal world, they are considerably light. Also, as hinted before the exclusively clean singing can be hit or miss. For example, I guarantee some of you will hate “Unbroken Shiver” for it’s inclusion of frankly unnecessary auto-tune. But other than a few small flaws, “Living Mirrors” is a winner.

This album is pretty much mandatory listening for all the prog heads out there. If you’re looking for some creative, ethereal music, this album may be the key to your dreams. It weaves and twists aural pleasures in a way that you won’t typically hear. If this sounds like good listening to you, be sure to check the tracks above and buy the album here! I have to mention the album artwork is amazing. It’s so intricate I could probably stare at it for an hour and still pick out new details, similar to the music itself.

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