This will probably be one of our shortest explorations, but it’s also probably the most important one. As promised, we are still in Africa and I want to talk to you about something going on in Botswana.

3 filmmakers based in London (but hailing from Italy and Greece) have just come back from Gaborone, Botswana. They’ve been filming a documentary called “March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads” about the local heavy metal scene and the story of Wrust, one of the predominant local bands. They claim, “The documentary aims to bring to light an emerging musical subculture blending the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, African tradition and Biker and Cowboy fashion and an unexpected point of view on Africa, a continent which is often misconceived”. This is a very serious project, also aiming to make people aware of a
lot of social problems in this region of Africa and our misconceptions
about modern Africa. They managed to line up Wrust to play at Solo Macello, an independent heavy metal festival which is going to take place in Milan, Italy on June 26th and will be headlined by Red Fang and Karma To Burn (last year’s headliner was Napalm Death!).

The movie was entirely self-produced with their own money and now they’re trying to raise the money to pay for Wrust’s travel to Milan with an Indiegogo campaign. There are only 16 days left so they really need your help! It’s your chance to make dreams come true.

That’s all for our exploration this week. Take a look at the movie teaser below and watch some more clips from the film on their YouTube channel. And obviously give a listen to Wrust below as well! Botswana is metal! Support their heart and dedication for this music by helping them on Indiegogo and Facebook \m/

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Indiegogo