After our small trip in the deepest south of Africa, we are back to Europe for another episode of our exploration of the French metal scene. We already introduced you to the best progressive metal bands and some amazing solo projects. Now we’re going to show the best proposals of the modern French metalcore scene. The scene developed especially in the city of Paris and almost all the bands listed below are from the city of love.

Let’s star our exploration with one of the most successful bands to come out of France in the last few years, Betraying The Martyrs. This band asserted themselves as one of the leading European metalcore acts with their debut album “Breath In Life”, released in 2011 by Sumerian Records. Their popularity keeps on increasing in the continent and in North America too. Their deathcore / metalcore sound is now well-known and appreciated especially for the phenomenal vocals of Aaron Matts, with his massive and muscular deep growls. Rumors say they’re working on a new album meant to drop towards the end of the year, so keep an eye open. In the meantime, enjoy their video for “Man Made Disaster” below.

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As They Burn is another heavy deathcore / metalcore band, bringing groovy and destructive riffage to crush the crowds. Hailing from Paris as well, they’re gaining world-wide popularity with their latest release “Will, Love, Life”, released by Victory Records. They’re sound and attitude might remind you of bands like Emmure. In fact, you can find Franki Palmeri doing guest vocals in their latest signle “F.R.E.A.K.S.”, also featuring guest vocals from Betraying The Martyrs’ Aaron Matts. The band will be on tour around Europe very soon so don’t miss the chance to have some fun at one of their shows!

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Another metalcore act you may be familiar with is This Deafening Whisper, from Paris as well. We reviewed their 2013 album “Duodecim” a few months ago. Read up here. It’s a solid album which put this band in the international eye and brought them good exposure in their national scene. This band knows how to be aggressive and melodic at the same time, bringing some really inspired tunes. Check out the second single taken from “Duodecim” below.

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We’ve also promoted the guys from Khaorah, a progressive metalcore from band which released a magnificent album in 2010 called “Malestorm”. They’re now working on a new EP with their new vocalist, Lionel Forest. They bring an amazing metalcore sound filled with energy, passion, shredding and electronic touches. You can check out our preview for their forthcoming EP “Pangea” right here and enjoy their older track “Shadow” below.

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Straying slightly from the metalcore sound we find another legit Parisian metal band, Beyond The Dust. This is definitely an act you should check out. They provide some interesting mathcore inventions which may capture your attention. Check out their single “Reality Deformed” featuring Jay, former Aliases vocalist, and keep an eye on these guys since their album is due to come out in 2013! You can also witness the madness live at UK Tech-Metal Fest this Summer!

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There are many other Parisian bands worth giving a listen to. First of all, the heavy progressive metal promise Atlantis Chronicles (we already talked about them in the first part of this exploration). But also other talented groups like Recreating Shape, Cycles, Indreams, Alaska, Sunquake, and many more! France kicks ass!