The Circle Pit goes to Africa!! Our tour will step into this continent for a couple of weeks before we go back to France. There are some big surprises in store… Our first African stop will be pinpointing South Africa, homeland of some very legit metal bands.

Let's start with some dark, heavy shit. Crow Black Sky is the biggest black metal band from South Africa. Hailing from Cape Town, they bring melodic / progressive black metal influenced by acts like Behemoth, Emperor, Enslaved, and Opeth. After the worldwide success of their debut release “Patheion” in 2011, the album was re-released in a remastered version in 2012. They used the remastered version for the following music video, “Stars Of God”. This remastered version is available for a free download from their official website. Go give it a listen now!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes // Official Website

Emerging from the South African hardcore scene we find Truth and Its Burden. Based in Johannesburg, they were recently signed by Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare Records. They've played several shows around Europe and shared the stage with acts like Haste The Day, Through This Defiance, CDC, Becoming The Archetype and The Ghost Inside. Thier latest album “Choices” came out in May 2012 an you can get a taste of it from the banger below, “The Decider”.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Myspace

Exploring onwards, another intersting act is Balyios. Formed in Pretoria in 2010, this young band delivers melodic folk metal with melodeath influences. Their lyrics mainly focus on Scandinavian culture and mythology while their music is based on fast-paced, melodic guitar riffs accompanied by harmonic orchestras, choirs, flutes and accordion melodies. Their debut album “Homeward” was released in 2012 to a good response. Give a listen to their song “Valhalla” below and see if this is your kind of stuff. If you like it, go show this band some love!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp

I want to finish this post with an upcoming djent band from Cape Town. Their stage name is Megalodon and they just released their debut “Darkness In Sonance” in March 2013 via Burning Tone Records. You can stream the whole album, full of mathcore madness and groovy djent riffage, on their Bandcamp page. Don't forget to purchase the album if you enjoy what you hear!

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Reverbnation // Bandcamp

So, this is the best metal to come from the extreme south of the black continent. The Circle Pit will still be in Africa next week with a special surprise for y'all! So stay tuned, and stay metal \m/