Time for some metal with that hardcore edge. For The Fallen Dreams have been making a big noise from Detroit for quite some time now, spreading their name all around the world. They’ve released a few successful albums and secured a spot on Rise Records. Now they’re looking to keep it rolling with their upcoming fifth studio record which has yet to have details released.

But there was a significant development as the band released the first single “Substance”. Better yet, they released a fancy lyric video so you can sing along. The song itself is good n’ moshable. Certainly recommended for fans of the group / hardcore in general. You can check it out below with some more goods from For The Fallen Dreams.

If you want to see this fury live, be sure to catch the Some Things Never Change tour! For The Fallen Dreams will be headlining with Hundredth, Upon This Dawning, Gideon, and several others in support. Should be a mosh worthy experience.

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