Heaven Shall Burn has always been one band I’ve always been able to count on to release consistently quality material every album. The band’s mix of melodic death metal, metalcore, and brutality have always strongly resounded with me. It’s safe to say I’m a pretty big fan of this band and all their work. “Veto,” the band’s new album, is classic Heaven Shall Burn.

The pounding drums and pummeling palm muted riffs are there. The scandinavian influenced guitar harmonies are a plenty on “Veto.” Vocalist Marcus Bischoff’s voice is absolutely devastating as always. The electronic elements that the band has experimented are present as well on “Veto.” Every member of Heaven Shall Burn is in high gear and gives a top notch performance. The songs found on “Veto” are all primarily similar to all the previous work of Heaven Shall Burn, the band hasn’t changed up their formula or style very much. But this is the perfect example of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Veto,” like Heaven Shall Burn’s previous albums, is a quality release.

I’m always impressed with how crisp the production is on Heaven Shall Burn’s albums. Everything is always so tight. The guitar tone is so intense and yet so clear. The drums are at the perfect volume and have enough punch to satisfy me. And jesus Marcus Bischoff has one of the most distinct voices in metal. It’s so powerful. The parts that Bischoff is singing during are so energetic, heavy and just metal because his voice is so intense and intimidating. Bischoff is one of my favorite harsh vocalists and he continues to prove why on this album.

Heaven Shall Burn are known to like to mix some covers in with the rest of their albums. On “Veto” the band covers metal legends Blind Guardian. Heaven Shall Burn’s chosen track is one of the more popular Blind Guardian’s catalogue, ‘Valhalla.’ The twist, Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kursch provides some guest vocals on ‘Valhalla’ and turns the track into a duet. Kursch covers his own song! It should be no surprise that the tune is well executed by the instrumental portion of Heaven Shall Burn. Bischoff and Kursch provide an interesting aspect to song, the good cop bad cop vocals employed by many American metalcore bands. However it is executed tastefully and both Bischoff’s growls and Kursch’s singing add emotional power and depth to the track.

Heaven Shall Burn employs a decent bit of variety on “Veto.” Songs like ‘You Will Be Godless” showcase the heavier, faster, more brutal and to the point side of Heaven Shall Burn. “Hunters Will Be Hunted” shows the exact opposite, a much more melodic and played out song. “Land of the Upright Ones” is one of my favorite tracks off of “Veto.” The thrashy elements of the track make it very metal and energetic. None of the tracks on “Veto” are bad however and the album should be listened through and through.

“Veto,” released April 30th on Century Media Records in the United States is an absolutely crushing album. Polished and practiced melodic death metal is what’s to be found on “Veto.” Heaven Shall Burn have stuck with their style that has proven to work and unleashed another beast of an album for fans to bang their heads to. Coincidentally, in the United States, “Veto” was released on the same day as another german band’s album, The Ocean’s “Pelagial.” Two top ten album of the year contenders released on the same day. Would you look at that. “Veto” gets a 9 out of 10. Pick up this album.


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