There’s a lot of promising music coming from Sweden of late. At the forefront of this is Means End, who just released their debut album “The Didact” yesterday. After the amazing levels achieved by the first single “Nox Aurumque”, the album has much more epicness in store.

In fact, the band chose to stream the whole album on their official YouTube channel along with special artwork for every single track on the album. This is easily one of the biggest and most awaited djent-related releases of the year and is definitely worth a listen. So check out the tracks below and the full YouTube playlist right here and enjoy their work.

The album was entirely financed by the band itself and released without a label, so by buying the album you’ll be directly contributing to the band’s activity. You better go check out “The Didact” and go buy it if you enjoy what you’re hearing!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Youtube // Bandcamp