This upcoming record is sure to be anything but quiet. Native Constuct are emerging as one of the more promising Progressive Metal units of recent years. They’ve managed to capture the attention of many with the release of a single song. A twelve minute song, mind you. The track “Chromatic Aberration” is a mind bending, intelligent aural adventure to say the least. And if it’s any indication of what’s to come… hooolay shit!

The debut “Quiet World” is slated for release on August 2nd. Mark your calendars! So far, in addition to the release of “Chromatic Aberration” (which may be updated), some incredible artwork and the official tracklisting have been made public. It will feature seven tracks of beautiful, complex insanity. And considering it’s a full-length based on only seven tracks with a twelve minute single, every song is bound to packed full with quality content. Definitely keep both eyes open for this album!

And to all the hyper-talented drummers reading this, Native Construct is
simply a kit away from a full line-up. If you think you’re the man for
the job, let them know!


1. Mute

2. The Spark of The Archon

3. Passage

4. Your Familiar Face

5. Come Hell or High Water

6. Chromatic Lights

7. Chromatic Aberration



Links: Facebook // Bandcamp