May 14th is turning out to be a very metal Tuesday \m/ Several noteworthy albums dropped today. Look below for some of the key releases.

Mathcore legends and innovators, The Dillinger Escape Plan have officially returned to the forefront with the release of the highly anticipated “One Of Us Is The Killer” (via Sumerian Records). Expect a chaotic ride capable of dragging listeners through the depths of anxiety and insanity as they hunt down the killer. To get an idea, watch the video for “When I Lost My Bet”. And if you enjoy the hectic disorientation, be sure to grab the album! This is a murder mystery worth solving.

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Yet another legendary return. Immolation have been at it ever since 1986. This New Yorker Death Metal unit is feared and revered throughout the metal world with good reason. They’ve been both innovative and destructive with their brand of heavy music. Now Immolation are back with their latest offering “Kingdom of Conspiracy” (via Nuclear Blast). All the death heads out there should definitely check out this dangerous music. Soooo damn metal \m/

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Hailing from the Netherlands, The Monolith
Deathcult have returned with their sixth full-length offering “Tetragrammaton” (via Season of Mist). This album is a
solidification of The Monolith Deathcult’s signature style as the band has begun to carve their own niche. This record is 7 tracks of solid Death Metal worth your attention. Give a good listen below!

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