Another Tuesday, another batch of releases in the music world.

A Pale Horse Named Death release their second album, titled “Lay My Soul To Waste.” The sludgy, grungey metal project of two former Type O Negative drummers is beginning to make some waves in the metal community with the two songs they’ve released so far, “The Needle in You” and “Shallow Grave”. “Lay My Soul To Waste” is available via Steamhammer/SPV. Pick it up if you’re interested in what you hear below, this should be a good album.

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Metalcore / post-hardcore band Death of an Era release their EP “The Great Commonwealth”. The band, a 5 piece group from Columbus, is looking to escape “a wasteland of the same tired breakdowns and unoriginal riffing” with this release. I’m not sure if they’ve accomplished their goal but the EP is worth a listen if you are a fan of post-hardcore or metalcore. Check out their single “Shapeshifter” below.

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Upcoming band “NK” or North Korea, featuring members of “Envy on the Coast” and “The Dillinger Escape Plan” are releasing their debut record “Nothing to be Gained Here” today. The music is anything but typical, featuring the rhythmic drumming of “Dillinger Escape Plan” drummer Billy Rymer (Two releases in two weeks. Not bad Billy. Not bad). “NK” is an odd band, kinda punkish. I dunno. Check it out if you wanna keep up with Rymer and his musical activity. Stream their new record here.

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