Randy Blythe has further cemented himself as a class act and great guy with his latest blog post and comments regarding his accusation of manslaughter in the Czech Republic that resulted in Randy being acquitted. Everyone in the metal world knows the story of what happened so I won’t go into huge details. In a nutshell Randy was accused of being responsible for the death of a fan who was attending a Lamb of God show.

What stuck out more than the accusations was the honorable way Blythe handled the adversity thrown at him. From the beginning it was obvious that though this tragic accident was an awful mishap, it could in no way be blamed on the actions of Randy Blythe. Rather than run from the obvious overzealous prosecution, Randy faced the justice system head on with the honor he often speaks of. In the end, Blythe was acquitted and proved himself to be a class act.

Blythe’s blog post titled “Be Carefully” is just one more reason to respect the guy. The Lamb of God frontman is attempting to fulfill the family’s wishes and promote safety at shows and convey the pain they feel. It’s a powerful statement well worth reading in full. Click here to read it. I’m not much of a Lamb of God fan, but wow Randy is a great guy.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Be Carefully