Everyone go give a warm welcome to our current Artist of the Week, Scale The Summit! These are the pioneers who have brought several albums worth of incredible “Adventure Metal”. Now they’re on the verge of releasing “The Migration”! Go grab your pre-orders here and check out our most recent preview here where Scale The Summit made our very own Trisolino a believer in adventure metal.

Be sure to check out our interview with the one and only Christ Letchford below!

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CL = Chris Letchford

MT = Mike Thall

MT – How did you come up the name Scale The Summit?

CL – Travis was looking through a photography book and saw a photo titled “The Summit”, put “Scale” in front and asked us all if we liked it. Worked out great since we already have a very organic/nature themed band.

MT – Speaking of themes, your music has been appropriately coined as “Adventure Metal”. How did that come about?

CL – A friend of ours at Musicians Institute watched our practice one day around the time when we first formed and said our music really sent him on a journey so we started using “Adventure Metal”. You really can’t tell a potential new fan, “Hey, we’re a metal band”, that could mean so many different things to so many people since there are a million sub-genres now. It helped as it sparked curiosity for people not familiar with the band.

MT – You guys have a ton of musical talent on all fronts. Any advice for upcoming instrumentalists?

CL – Thanks a lot! Its really just all about practicing and learning new things everyday. I have done a lot of teaching, clinics, and lessons for guitar magazines, and from what I have learned from people wanting/needing help is that they just need to put in more time with their instrument.

MT – Practice makes perfect. A little inspiration never hurts either. What inspires you?

CL – When the weather is amazing out, the ocean/beach, good food, and weight training.

MT – You heard it first bros. Chris Letchford lifts. Moving on, your new album “The Migration” will be hitting store shelves soon. Can you tell us a bit about that record and what went into making it?

CL – I started writing it before “The Collective” even came out, Im always writing. I don’t like feeling the pressure to pop a record out in a short amount of time. We all started learning and perfecting it last November as a group, and just worked through it all to make sure we were ready for the studio. Jamie King did all the tracking, mixing and mastering for it. It was great fun recording with him and the final product came out just like I have always wanted our records to sound. Basically spent an entire month up in NC at his studio doing all the tracking, and then we mixed / mastered via email sending notes back and forth. Pretty smooth and we finished much faster than we expected.

MT – Very cool. Is it named “The Migration” for any particular reason?

CL – Just liked the way the title really described the music for this record. Plus the artwork Duncan Storr made for it fit perfectly with the title.

MT – Definitely makes sense. That artwork is brilliant! How would you say “The Migration” compares or contrasts with your previous work?

CL – Better song writing with more dynamics, and we finally achieved the production we wanted… as well as amazing artwork.

MT – What are your plans for the rest of 2013 after “The Migration” drops?

CL – We have a tour with Intronaut starting before the album comes out, and then afterwards we’ll be touring for many more months through 2014.

MT – Awesome! Approximately how many tours have you been on? Any favorites?

CL – Around 11. I would say that the tour with did with Dream Theater would be at the top of the list and the the BTBAM / Cynic / Devin Townsend tour we did. Both I’ll never forget.

MT – What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?

CL – Some guy asked to look at the bottom of my shoe in Florida, and then when I showed him, he licked it…. And then went on to lick just about everyone else shoe that was on the tour package.

MT – Tasty. Now it’s time for the fun round. Have you ever actually actually scaled a summit?

CL – I have done a lot of hiking and camping, but I haven’t actually scaled a real summit peak. Maybe someday!

MT – Best of luck with that. We’re fresh out of questions. Thanks for your time man! Any shout outs you want to give?

CL – Thanks for having me. And to everyone reading, “The Migration” is out June 11th. You can pre-order a copy from our personally ran online store www.scalethesummitstore.com and make sure to catch us on tour with Intronaut, May – July!

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