Scale the Summit is gearing up to release their fourth all instrumental effort June 11th on Prosthetic Records. To be honest, I’ve personally never been a fan. Everything prior to what I’ve heard of “The Migration” so far has been somewhat underwhelming. The potential for absolute greatness has always been there though. All that was necessary was a jump in technical playing and compositional skill. When I first heard that Scale the Summit had finished a new album I wasn’t planning on checking it out because of the sheer number of solid albums I still need to digest.

Then I saw the album art. Wow it’s stunning. I don’t know quite why, but that topiary creature, as I’ve seen it called, is gorgeous. This is the perfect example of what album artwork can do. After seeing the fantastically done album art created by Duncan Storr, I wanted to like the album. The art made me want to enjoy the music. Remember this bands, because the album art is still important. So I checked out the album preview for “The Migration.” And I was stunned again. The music is as beautiful as the art. I literally cannot wait to hear the full versions of “Atlas Novus”, “Willow”, and “Sabrosa”. “Odyssey”, the lead single for the album, is a fantastic track itself that features, around the 1:55 mark, some of the prettiest lead playing I’ve heard in a long while. I’m truly stoked for this album. This is a must hear for anyone with any interest in guitar playing, instrumental albums, or just simply beautiful music. I need “The Migration” now. Right now. Look below for the preview, single, studio videos, and band links. You can also choose from a wide variety of pre-order packages either here or here!


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