According to former guitarist and composer Daniel DL Laskiewicz’s facebook page, The Acacia Strain have decided to move on without the now former guitarist and songwriter. Judging from Laskiewicz’s post regarding the split, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood. The band had been touring with two separate touring guitarists for a fairly long time after Laskiewicz decided to become a studio only member. The former guitarist continued to write all the music for The Acacia Strain and did so up through their latest album, released last year, “Death Is The Only Mortal.”

This is an understandable decision. However, I’m very curious to see what whoever replaces Laskiewicz as the composer can bring to the table. The former songwriter evolved quite impressively over the years. The band moved from a metalcore based sound to a very unique 8 string guitar fueled, pummeling, churning death metal / deathcore sound. The Acacia Strain’s most recent albums, especially “Death Is The Only Mortal,” have been very doom based, featuring smothering atmospheres and chugging in a style that reminds me personally very much of Meshuggah. The repetitive chugging and riffing, mixed with stuttering or melodic and ambient high notes and some of the most nihilistic and hateful lyrics around (courtesy of vocalist and lyricist Vincent Bennett) creates a suffocating feeling that continues to squeeze the air out of the lungs of the listener as the song churns on. The simplicity of DL’s writing style is a genius artistic move, not at all a signal of a lack of talent. Just check out the band’s cover of “War Pigs” to understand the premise.

The Acacia Strain will continue on as a band without the former songwriter. I’m assuming the band will head in at least a slightly different direction. So if the most recent work hasn’t been to your taste, it might be time to start keeping up with the band. DL will continue his career by producing other bands and writing for a new project. Keep up with him via his Facebook page.


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