The Black Dahlia Murder have dropped the second single off of upcoming album “Everblack,” due out June 11th on Metal Blade Records. This song, titled “Raped in Hatred By Vines of Thorn” is more standard Black Dahlia Murder material when compared to the first single and title track “Into the Everblack” which admittedly has grown on me since it was first released onto us.

The lyrics of this song deal with a scene from the horror movie “Evil Dead” where a girl is raped by a possessed animated tree. Or something… I haven’t seen the classic movie or the very recent reboot myself. Either way, Trevor Strnad, vocalist and lyricist of The Black Dahlia Murder, explains that watching this scene as a young kid left quite an impression on him. So much so that he was moved to write the lyrics for this song so many years later. Check out the Revolver song premiere for the lyrics to the new song and a link to the interview with Strnad that explains the impact of “Evil Dead” here.

Musically this song is straight up Black Dahlia Murder and is quite good. The At The Gates influenced riffing is very present on this track along with the rest of the mainstays of the Black Dahlia Murder sound. The drumming is pretty solid, however not very inventive. The production of the album, the riffs, and the song arrangement are solid. The melodic intro and chorus are nice and catchy as well. Trevor Strnad sounds brutal as ever and delivers another very impressive performance. This song picks right up where the previous release “Ritual” left off. The most impressive aspect of both singles from “Into the Everblack” so far is lead guitarist Ryan Knight’s soloing. The solo off of “Raped in Hatred By Vines of Thorn” is fantastic and beautifully melodic, just like the solo on “Into the Everblack”. Knight seems to have really found his voice since departing Arsis for The Black Dahlia Murder. I’m finding myself very stoked for this album. Pre-Orders are available. Check it out.

– Trisolino

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