Here’s one in honor of next Tuesday. May 14th will mark the release of absolute chaos as The Dillinger Escape Plan makes their return to the forefront with their fifth studio album “One Of Us Is The Killer”. Almost time for your math lesson. The Dillinger Escape Plan have been giving out cheat sheets in the form of videos and teasers ever since their signing to Sumerian Records.

The latest installment comes in the form of a new lyric video for the title track itself. “Prancer” was actually released awhile back as the first single of the album, but this video is too damn awesome. In the realm of lyric videos, this one is king. Pure insanity. Extreme paranoia and darting camera angles align perfectly with the intensity of the song.

If the video leaves you wanting more clues in the hectic mystery that is “One Of Us Is The Killer”, take a look at their recent music video for “When I Lost My Bet” (holy shit…) and the full album sampler. And don’t forget to find out who the killer is next week! The Dillinger Escape plan don’t fuck around.

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