“We are extremely excited to be heading back into the studio to record the follow-up to our debut album, ‘Grind The Ocean.’ We have done some amazing tours in the last year and have really grown as a band. We are just really hyped about the new material. It has been great to get into this creative headspace. I’ll try to avoid all the usual band clichés of saying how this album will be ‘heavier and more melodic than the first,’ but what I will say is this will be the best album of all time. Ever.” – Dez (Speaking with Blabbermouth.net)\

If you haven’t heard of this band, we’re here to help you. Hailing from London, The Safety Fire have been releasing quality, mind bending music ever since their 2009 EP “Sections” which was followed by last year’s colossal record “Grind The Ocean”. And as you just read from the guitarists quote above, they are recording their sophomore full-length! This is most definitely an album to look forward to. The Safety Fire have always been full of surprises with their unnatural ability to create fresh, original music and this album should be no exception.

Every member of this band is a musical weapon wielding next level musicianship. The guitar corps is composed of two absolute riff masters, Dez and Joaquin, capable of taking twists and turns that your ears and brain will never expect. The bassist Lori grooves like a boss as the drummer Calvin Smith consistently brings a next level performance. He’s a tank behind the kit. Sean sings and matches intensity with a hardcore yell at the forefront.

You can catch all of the above in the first and second videos below detailing the drum, guitar, and bass tracking process. Also included some awesome music videos from “Grind The Ocean”. I HIGHLY recommend you give The Safety Fire a good listen. This band is too great to miss.

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