Put down your newspaper. It’s time to look at some FLORIDA DEATH METAL LEGENDS \m/ Obituary is the name. These guys were instrumental in the formation and advancement of Death Metal as a genre. Bringing the heavy ever since 1984 (originally named Executioner / Xecutioner), this band has influenced countless groups over time.

This was done through albums such as the 1989 debut “Slowly We Rot”, 1990 return “Cause of Death”, and 1992’s Death Metal hit “The End Complete” (which has sold over half a million copies). They kept it going down the line too with albums such as 2005’s “Frozen In Time”. Some fan favorites include all the title tracks, “Til Death”, “Threatening Skies”, “Don’t Care”, “Chopped In Half”, and “Final Thoughts”

They’ve gone through a slew of members through the years but three of the original five still remain. They are Trevor Peres shredding it up on guitar, Donald Tardy wrecking on the kit, and John Tardy leading the march with a vicious growl. They are currently joined by their fifth bassist Terry Butler.

You can get your dose of classic Death Metal just below. Rumor has it Obituary also has a ninth studio album on the way! Keep your eyes peeled \m/

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