In today’s metal news, it still sucks that Jeff Hanneman is no longer with us. Hanneman honestly was one of the most underrated players in metal. Definitely one of the most underrated players in Slayer. Besides being a riff master, Jeff could play quite the solo and was more chaotic and atonal in his phrasing than his peer Kerry King, who often got more credit than Hanneman as a guitarist. Along with with this, Lombardo often was the most highly praised member in the band over Hanneman. But honestly every member of Slayer is killer. The band is just awesome and the original lineup will be missed.

Hanneman is the perfect prototype for a metal god. All walk, very little talk. Hanneman wrote the most widely and critically acclaimed Slayer tracks and never became the ego driven persona that other guitarists of, and plenty not of, his pedigree became. Again some of Slayers most famous songs lyrically were written by Hanneman. He said what he wanted without becoming a preacher in the public eye. Slayer’s music caused plenty of controversy over the years but Jeff didn’t stir the pot like a drama queen. Or really even do many interviews, Hanneman just didn’t speak out very often. Overall, his loss is a huge loss for metal and it’ll be a long time until the metal world is over Jeff Hanneman’s passing.

Look below for some of the classic slayer songs that Hanneman was responsible for writing both the music and the lyrics and enjoy the soothing sounds of Slayer.


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